Zionism and Arab Nationalism

Each paper MUST include citations in the body of the paper where appropriate from Goldschmidt, and Esposito:

• Goldschmidt Jr., Arthur and Davidson, Lawrence, A Concise History of the Middle East. 9th Edition.
Westview Press, 2009 ISBN: 9780813343884

• John Esposito, What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam. 2nd edition. Oxford University Press, 2011.
ISBN: 9780199794133
Find and read dependable information on the Internet regarding Theodor Herzl’s The Jewish State, the Basle
Declaration and NaguibAzoury’s The Awakening of the Arab Nation. Then, send an essay where you compare and
contrast what you see as the main characteristics of these foundational documents for Zionism and Arab
Nationalism. Further, evaluate the extent to which Zionism and then Arab Nationalism before WWI met the
definition for nationalism given in Goldschmidt. Which movement better fit that definition at that time?
Defend your conclusion using citations from the required readings, and your internet sources.


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