What You Need To Know About Writing a University Admission Essay

Once your high school grades are out and you have graduated from high school, you are ready to move to the next academic step. This may either to pursue a college or university degree. A university admission essay is a very important element that will decide whether you will get placement at a university of your choice.

So what do you look out for?

Instructions given

Instructions given on how to write your essay are very important. When applying for university, there are often details that are required on your end. This information should be read and clearly understood by the student. It will show your attention to detail and your interpretation of what they ask for. Instructions often include word limit to avoid you rambling or repeating your points and they also act as a basic guide that is applied to a standard university admission essay.


Challenges are nothing new. Every one of us has to go through them. They help shape our character. When applying for university, you may want to write about a challenge you went through and how you overcame it. This is a good approach for any admission essay because it shows the admission board that you are aware that things may not always go as you want them. It particularly seeks to show that overcoming challenges helps us learn how to handle similar situations in future.

How bad do you want it?

When writing a university admission essay consider your dream job or career. This will help you come up with strong arguments and facts that will help your chances. If you want to achieve your objective, your creativity may be pushed even if it comes in the form of writing a university admission essay. How you write your essay portrays who you are and merely expressing your interest is not enough you need to prove that you deserve it. Bringing out your personality alongside strong arguments may increase your chances.


A lot of people apply for university. To improve your chances, you need to be creative. This helps you stand out from other applicants. If you are applying a journalism program for example demonstrate your skills. You could decide to showcase a voice demo along your essay or even write an essay with aspects of a high fashion magazine.

Be careful when writing about your opinions

It is good to bring out your personality in your university admission essay but make sure you are subtle because you do not know the school’s stand on the matter. This is especially so when talking about politics, sexuality and abortion.

All in all when writing a university admission essay, it is important to follow guidelines given as instructed. A topic you may choose is one that portrays a challenge you went through and how you overcame it. Bringing out your personality is okay but make sure that you avoid voicing controversial social issues such as abortion, politics and sexuality.


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