What role do the spectators, actors, writers, and other players play?


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The paper will be a response to our course reading (Rozencrants and Guildesters are Dead). the paper should be constructed t around a thesis, a central idea that is at once original, specific, and arguable. In other words, it will be crafted a position that is (1) original idea, (2) addressed to a specific question or claim about the chosen text (Rosencrantz and Guildestern are Dead) and likely focuse on a relatively small and specific detail from it, and (3) arguable, meaning it makes a point that is not obvious or indeterminate, but one that requires evidence and argument to establish. GAMES: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead starts with a game—a coin-spinning contest that reveals the world is not operating as it should—and contains several other games, including the verbal tennis match. Ancient Greek and Roman plays were put on alongside sporting events and festivals, grouped with other games. How is playing a play like playing a game? What role do the spectators, actors, writers, and other players play? What do you win or lose? citing directly from the source text (Rosencrantz and Guildesters are Dead) in order to make the argument is NEEDED. this is the only source that should be used.


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