US Representative

1. What is the jurisdiction of each committee?
2. Who are the chair and ranking minority person on each committee and to which party
do they each belong?
3. What is the proportion of Democrats to Republicans on each committee?
4. Look at the members of that committee: are there any particular states that are being
represented on the committees?
5. Which special interests are affected by the committees?
6. Which special interests have contributed financially to the elections of members of these
7. Which agencies are regulated by these committees?
8. Using the information you have already found, construct an iron triangle with each
9. Determine if there are interest groups that have conflicting goals affected by each
10. Looking at your iron triangles and your other research for this project, do you think pluralist
or elite theory is more prevalent in the committee structure and their dealings with interest
groups? Why do you believe that? Provide examples to support your opinion.


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