To compared the nuclear activity between Duke A and Duke C patient

To compared the nuclear activity between Duke A and Duke C patient

Project instructions:
A report of 2,000 words (?10%), not including references, figures / tables and legends.

The report should be structured as follows:
– Problem statement
– Analysis of data
– Interpretation of results
– Conclusions
– References
– Appendix (optional)

The report should begin with a Problem statement, which should describe the question being asked and the biological rationale, including any underpinning literature, for asking that question. The Problem statement should outline the overall approach to answering the question being asked.

The report should then detail the Analysis of data. This should include statements of what data is being analysed, referring explicitly to the data sets, and what data plots and statistical tests will be undertaken and the reason for their choice. In cases where the proposed analysis spans multiple aspects of the data, e.g. the effect of intra-patient heterogeneity on patient survival, the way in which those analyses will be structured must be made particularly clear. Where the analyses produce a large body of results consider presenting only summary findings and using an Appendix to capture the full results. When presenting results from SPSS consider highlighting the relevant SPSS output with red circles or similar in printed tables.

The report should next provide an Interpretation of results. This interpretation should draw together the findings from the analysis into a coherent synthesis to form an evidence base to answer the question asked. Key observations arising from the analysis should be made clear.

Finally, the Conclusions should clearly relate the key observations on the set of results to the problem set out in the problem statement at the beginning of the report.

The report should include References and, optionally, an Appendix of full analyses. If an Appendix is used relevant sections should be referred to in the main body of the report.


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