The treatment of the Devil in Literature and the Faustian bargain

The main purpose of this essay is to introduce how the Faustian bargain started to appear in English
literature, and how the devil was treated in the relatively old faust stories. First we have to start by
mentioning and briefly analyzing “Historia von D Johann Faustus” ( the original Faust book ) and continue
with Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus” (1592) and Goethe’s “Faust” (1808). As we have spent time talking about the
last two sources in class, it is more important to put more emphasis on them. It is important to introduce
Faust and explain how these authors came up with the stories and how each story differ from each other.
Also, it is very important to talk about how the devil was treated by these different authors, how are they
different from each other, and what is the reason for the differences and similarities of the devil.
As this is a research paper, we are expected to use some other sources such as websites, articles, journals,
or books, other than the required ones to support our claim.


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