The Market for Human Organs. -Economics of Health care- Paper subject is: Economics of health care.

The Market for Human Organs

Thousands die every year waiting for organ replacements. Why and what can be done about this tragedy? You
are instructed to write an essay on the topic. The essay should be no less than 1250 words (excluding
tables, figures, appendices, footnotes or bibliography) in 12 point font.

The following set of questions should be addressed in your essay:

1. Describe and provide a graphical illustration of the regulated market for human organs. Why is there is a
shortage of human organs under the present law? Why do donors receive no producer surplus under the present

2. Illustrate and describe the net gain to society that would result from an exchange of human organs for
money in a perfectly competitive market? Why does the current law prohibit the sale of human organs?
(Discuss the ethical and distributive justice arguments). Is there an equity-efficiency trade-off involved
in prohibiting the sale of human organs?

3. What is the cause of the thriving global black market in human organ sales? Discuss the black market and
how it leads to a host of abuses.

4. If legalizing organ replacements is not an option, what are some possible non-monetary incentives that
may be used to spur donation, reduce waiting lists and reduce black market incentives?


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