The Iliad vs. Oedipus the King

The Iliad vs. Oedipus the King
One of the mottoes of the Delphic Oracle was ?Know Yourself.? In the end, which of the two characters knows himself best?Achilles or Oedipus? In answering the question discuss the self-knowledge of each of character.
Compare and contrast
?their different methods of attaining self-knowledge,
?the degree to which each character really does know himself,
?the sacrifices involved in gaining self-knowledge.

Assume the person reading the essay is familiar with the work of literature you are writing about. Do not give a summary of a plot. Do not use direct quotation from the poem. Instead briefly paraphrase and then cite the reference by (1) the page number of the assigned edition, or (2) by book and line numbers. A reference to Book 1 lines 193-205 of the Iliad, for example, should be noted as (1.193-205).



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