strategic human resources

strategic human resources

Introduction The Final Project will allow you to pull together all that you have learned about strategic human resources, and develop a human resources plan

for a department within your chosen organization. This assignment will comprise 25 per cent of your final course grade and will be out of 100 marks. Instructions

Choose a department within your organization; if you are not currently employed, select an organization to focus on for this assignment. (Note: you will need to talk

to individuals within the chosen department.) Write a five- to seven-page report (approximately 2,000 words) that includes the following details: Part A: Describe

Organizational Purpose (20 marks) Describe the main purpose of the department that you have selected: what does it produce or do? What are the top goals of the

department over the next three years? Research the external factors or trends occurring that may impact the organization (refer to external analysis in Module 1). Part

B: Define Human Resources Needs (60 marks) Where possible, assess any trends or data available. Within the department, describe the human resources needs over the next

three years, including: Define the staffing needs of the group, identify the main positions within the department, and define changes. Assess the availability of

labour for vacant positions. Define the competencies required by the department Develop your recruitment and selection strategies for the position. Where will you post

your position and what is your ad budget? Identify training and development needs. Part C: Recommendations (20 marks) As a result of your assessment, recommend two

human resources strategies for your chosen organization: The First strategy should be focused on achieving one of the key organizational objectives outlined in section

A (above) The Second strategy should be focused on refining one of the HR service offerings outlined in Part B (above). Provide a description of the strategy and

explain why the item chosen is important to the overall success of the organization’s goals.
Paper details

Schwind, H., Das, H., Wagar, T., Fassina, N., and Bulmash, J. Canadian Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach. 10th ed. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2013.


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