STEEPLE analysis

STEEPLE analysis

Conduct a STEEPLE analysis of the UK supermarket sector and evaluate which of these contexts are the most important to the organisation invloved.(Morrisons PLC as a case study).PART B. Research two examples of how human resources manageement in su
Vey short introduction outlining what the assignment contains
Part A) STEEPLE analysis followed by discussion of any linkages between the contexts and an overall evaluation of the most important STEEPLE factor(s)
Part B) example1/example 2
Very short conclusion

Use Arial font type at size 11. Double-space each line.

Part a) STEEPLE analysis
I don’t want a simple lists/bullet points for each the 7 environmental contexts of the STEEPLE framework. Part a) should focus on factors affecting organisations at the market/industry level rather than the factors affecting just the (brief 2) or it just one organisation, unless it is a monopoly or an organisation within the public sector without rivals.
Using the key drivers given in seminar 1, for each context of the STEEPLE framework, think about a list of factors, gather evidence and decide which factor(s) is/are the most important, the write about it/them, using evidence(data/facts with sources). Less important factors within a particular context may be referred to but be careful about sourcing your points.
If you think any of the contexts are unimportant then say so and explain why.

Out of the 1200 words for part A, at least 200 words on the economic context.
Part B -1000 words
Total words for this assignment is 2200words.
Once completed all the STEEPLE context, comment on any linkage between the environmental contexts.
Finally, evaluate(judge0 which of the contexts is/are the most overall to the firms in the UK supermarket sector, at the corporate level.


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