failed first attempt will be included as will assignment guidlines and scenarios also a copy of the updated assessment. the scenario is about a patient with impaired cognitive ability with suspected sepsis due to an urine infection. Please read page 12 of the module booklet and follow closely the requirements as stated in the guidelines and all other material that will be given to you.The brief states that this is a scenario for a NEWLY QUALIFIED NURSE and must be appropriate not like the previous essay. The previous essay also failed on the 3 main priorities of care, this needs to include relevant diagnostic tests ie blood,urine regular obs recorded on sews chart. Resps are a sensitive indicator of deterioration and a recognised SIRS criterea for sepsis. ALSO USE Nice goidelines on sepsis. Note that hypoxia could have been missed due to mental impairment. If severe sepsis is suspected the sepsis 6 care bundle must be implemented withinthe first 6hrs of admission (Dellinger et al,2008) please include the 6. Please include communication with the patient as this is important especially due to his lack of cognitive ability.INCLUDE THAT PATIENT WOULD BE VERY NEAR TO NURSES STATION for ease of observation and that I would allow at least 1 parent to stay with patient until he is more settled. Please do not include things like ausculation,percussion and palpatation as that would not be expected of a newly qualified nurse . The essay is a 3000 +/- 10% wordessay I would also not include the parents ability to cope and whether the patient is in a safe enviroment as this would come under social services. I was also 10 refs short please follow the harvard style as in previous essay.



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