role as a nurse in reducing medication errors

role as a nurse in reducing medication errors

Your role as a nurse in reducing medication errors during medication administration through the use of technology

Project description
Nursing 102: Information Literacy Project
Medications are used by clients to manage acute or chronic health problems. Nurses play an essential role in safe medication preparation, administration and evaluation of medication effects. Technology is currently being used to reduce medication errors by nurses and health care workers.
The purpose of this assignment is to research professional literature regarding the use of technology to reduce medication errors, evaluate the information and sources critically, and then use the information to briefly explain your role as a nurse in reducing medication errors during medication administration through the use of technology.
1. Obtains 4 recent professional articles that relate to reducing medication errors through the use of technology. Articles may be found on the Proquest database through the LRC. The textbook may not be used as a reference.
2. Evaluates each article analyzing your own and others’ assumptions and carefully evaluate the source for relevance of contexts when presenting a position.
3. Uses articles to develop a conclusion and develop a plan for safe administration of medications incorporating the use of technology.
4. Uses the sources and information ethically and legally.
a. American Psychological Association (APA) style rules for scholarly writing are to be followed. The Sixth Edition (2010) of the APA manual is to be used for completion of the assignment. (Examples of topics that you will probably be using from the APA manual: what is included on a title page, how to document your professional
articles, how to make citations, and what is included on a reference page).
b. The paper is to be typed using Times New Roman size 12 font and double spaced. Length is to be no longer the 3 pages, excluding the title page and reference page which are required.



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