risk analyst

risk analyst

Project description
You are a risk analyst for the Toronto Police Service. You have been asked to conduct a risk assessment on the federal government’s bill C-36, the

protection of communities and exploited persons act. Your client’s primary objective is to respond to changes in public safety that this legislative

initiative could produce.

Section 1. Overview: 1-2 pages.
Provide an overview of your client’s objective(s) suitable for a person with very little familiarity with the topic. Who is your client? What do they

want to achieve? What is the historical, social, and political context of your client’s objective(s)?

Section 2. Risk Identification: 1 Page
Conduct research into potential risks to your client’s objective(s). Provide an abridged risk register on one page in ” landscape format ” to

summarize the risks:
Objective| Risk Area| Risk| Preceding Cause(s)|
Blank| Blank| Blank|Blank|

( Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put a chart in here because it wouldn’t let me know but that’s what the risk chart looks likes )

Note that you should break down your primary objective into several sub-objectives. It is up to you to define these sub-objectives.

Section 3. Risk Synopses: 3-4 pages
Provide risk synopses for 3 of the identified risks. For each of the 3 risk synopses, include the following element:
– Describe the risk
-Identify and describe at least 2 sources of objective data that could be gathered and marshaled in order to gauge likelihood and impact
– Identify and describe at least 2 potential sources of subjective data that could be used to gauge likelihood and impact
– Identify and describe at least 2 risk mitigation strategies that could be used to address the risk.

Note that for this section you are only identifying and describing data sources. You are not actually using the data to gauge risk

Section 4. Risk analysis: 3-5 pages
For one of the three risks identified in Section 3,use objective data ( and subjective data, if available ) to try and gauge likelihood and impact

use whatever scale you think is most appropriate for the data that you are able to collect ( e.g., 3-point scale, 5-point scale, continuous, etc.).

Collect data from as many sources as possible, and from as wide a variety of sources as possible.

Provide a rationale for the likelihood and impact values that you think are appropriate; use the data that you collect to support this rationale.


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