Rhetorical Analysis and “Diet for a Warm Planet”

Rhetorical Analysis and “Diet for a Warm Planet”

Write a 1,200+ word literary analysis in which you examine “Diet for a Warm Planet” by Julia Whitty.  Your essay should respond directly to the following prompt:
Write a rhetorical analysis of Whitty’s proposal.
•    Explain how she uses logos—appeals to common sense, reason, and values—to win over her readers.
•    Explain how she uses pathos—appeals to emotions such as fear, guilt, hope, etc.—to persuade.
•    Explain how she uses ethos—appeals to reader’s sense of fairness and trust.
•    In the end, be sure to make an overall assessment about whether her proposal is persuasive or not.
Specific Essay Requirements:
Introduction must include the following elements:
•    ?    A title that reflects your thesis
•    ?    Engaging opening line
•    ?    A clear announcement of author, title, and genre
•    ?    Brief, general summary/context of text
•    ?    A critical claim (thesis)
Thesis Requirements:
•    ?    Clear
•    ?    Focused
•    ?    Supportable
•    ?    Worthy
•    ?    Addresses assignment
Body paragraphs must meet the following requirements:
•    ?    At least four comprehensive body paragraphs
•    ?    Topic sentences that reflect thesis
•    ?    At least three quotes from the text that advance individual arguments
•    ?    Transitions within and between paragraphs
•    ?    Thesis-driven prose
•    ?    A minimum of summary
Conclusion must achieve the following:
•    ?    Bring closure to your essay—your thesis.
•    ?    Suggest the significance of your analysis.
•    ?    Avoid summarizing the text.
Prose Requirements:
•    ?    Rhetorical Analysis must be written in the “literary present” tense.
•    ?    Quotes must be integrated and introduced correctly.
•    ?    Context (explanation) for each quote must be provided.
•    ?    Self-reference must be omitted.  Avoid the “I.”



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