Research and Discussion on Anticompetitive Behaviors

Research and Discussion on Anticompetitive Behaviors

The focus of this exercise is on business ethics and corporate social responsibility because you will then understand that the sources of law (constitutional law, statutory law, administrative regulations, municipal ordinances) are formal rules of law that provide the framework for our legal system.As we get into more of the “law itself,” remember that the subject matters of law reflect certain values and purposes, but that there isn’t “a law for everything.” In our social and political system, which includes our business environment, a person in business needs to reflect on and identify certain behaviors that may “cross the line” as to appropriate behavior. In some cases, when the impact is significant, that “crossing the line” can result in the creation of law, either through a legislative process or through court interpretation of statutes or regulations, such as we might find in securities law or antitrust law, or through common law principles, such as we will find in tort and contract law.

Do the summary for your readers to “set the stage” by explaining the fact situation and then applying a topic from the weekly material that you think applies.
Examine the topic of anticompetitive behaviors.
1. Review the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guide to the Antitrust Laws” Website.
2. Locate and post to the Forum a brief description of an area of law and the Fact Sheet on the topic from the FTC site. Also, provide your opinion on the effectiveness of the law in discouraging anticompetitive behavior. What anticompetitive behaviors impact your industry? How are those behaviors monitored by the FTC?


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