Religion in Society

Answers should be no longer than 2 pages in length per question, approximately 500 words, which includes your repeating of the question and source citations at end of essay. You must answer questions 1 and 2 and at least one of the other questions. At least 3 sources, more if you can.

1.What is the “sociological perspective” and how does it impact the way we study religion? How is it different from non-social scientific (philosophical, theological) approaches to the study of religion? From other social scientific (psychological, anthropological) approaches?
2.What is religion and where does it come from? Discuss the relative merits of theories proposed by Durkheim, Marx, and the Rational Choice theorists.
3.Discuss the problems with at least one of the typologies discussed in the text (priest/prophet, church/sect/cult/denomination)
4.Why is religiosity difficult to measure? What are some of the ways in which sociologists measure religiosity and which do you feel is most accurate? Make sure to offer support for your position.
5.Use one of the theories or concepts we have discussed this term to analyze religion and politics in the U.S. or the Third World.
6.What is fundamentalism? What are its sources and its impact? Your answer should make use of the sociological theory we have studied this term.


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