Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries

For our second application, we turn to the analysis of a case—
Reliance Industries. The Ambani family is the richest family
business in the world. Unfortunately, all that money does not
insure best practices in family business. I have provided two write-
ups of this case—one from a family business management text and
one from Family Wars, a recent Billionaires ranking for the two
brothers—5th and 6th , and a picture of Mukesh’s new house (to the
1. Please examine the role of the parents in Reliance Industries.
Using your readings to date, analyze the communication,
relationships, culture, communication styles, and other
appropriate topics. Consider the successor development and the
succession plan. This is a very complex situation with sometimes
subtle messaging. Please do not be superficial in your treatment
of the issues.

2. Was the succession to the next generation successful or not?
…From a family point of view?
…From a business point of view? Please elaborate on your
opinions, citing facts from the case and lessons from your
assigned readings. Would Dhirubhai be proud of his boys? Why
or why not?

3. Please sum your analysis and provide suggestions from your
readings, and then site your ?take-aways? from this case.


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