Reflections of reality TV escape from reality?

Reflections of reality TV escape from reality?

Title: Reflections of reality TV escape from reality?

The author of the article “reality TV escape from reality” is Irene Rosenberg Javor in the year 2004. She lives in New York town as an approved mental health psychotherapist.
Summary of the article
Each and every day, the Americans incline towards reality shows. It’s amusing how big the number is that watch this reality shows each day. Since there is too much to be said in a day as news to the viewers, people take everything as newsworthy. Due to much information presented to the people, we tend to distant ourselves to the reality of the way things are happening around us. People have now turned to reality shows and find some leisure in doing so. This should be taken as dangerous to the people in terms of their psych health. This is because in reality, when people watch these programmes they tend to be escaping from the reality leading to psychic numbness.
Reflection of a paragraph
In the second last paragraph, we are warned about too much information gotten from the television as this could be the cause of numbness in our psychology where we take every thing as we see in the television without stopping to think what we need to do. We do not stop and take challenges in real life but try and relate them with what is presented to us in the TV.

3 information of Reality TV
There has been some improvement in the reality TV since the year 1990s. These advancements have achieved success due to the recognition of the viewers. These reality shows are characterized by the use of discrete types of programmes. These TV shows are meant for passing information as well as entertaining thus bringing out the idea of “infotainment”. The concept of reality TV is what is now in the minds of people as these shows range from talks, soaps as well as documentaries (Booth, 2004).
There is the use of raw authentic materials and there is an observational footage. There is also the presence of an eye witness as well as the narrative fiction construction. The materials used are well packaged and emphasize on elements that are disparate. The change in the expertise in terms of shadowing imaging as well as the use of videos is what as made this achievement. Reality TV is said to be in reality programmes where all events happen to be real (Perigard, 2009).
Everything seems very truthful and relates to real life experiences. There is a change from shadowed images to show truthfulness to real shows with real events and people. Real images are shown leading to the achievement of visual realism (Hill, 2005)

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