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The name of the gym will be Flexington, and the gym managers will be Ronnie, Amor and Robinson. The gym will be located at East Midtown Manhattan??™s 47th street with the population of interest being individuals aged between 25-45 years. The core services that will be offered at Flexington include powerlifting, martial arts, and nutrition programs while the supplementary services include physical therapy and massages. The gym??™s goal is the provision of affordable high-quality, and personalized services will be offered by well trained personnel and affordable deals offered for the gym members. Moreover, the clients will be provided with customized training programs at the gym and at home that will be supplemented by the nutritional programs that will ensure good health and positive outcomes of training. Finally, the strategic location of the gym will ensure easy accessibility for the clients. Part 2 Market Analysis The gym??™s target market as indicated above will be targeting the male population aged between 25-45 years within the area


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