Project description

Project description
You are required to answer questions 1 and 2. You should then answer 2 questions, from numbers 3 – 8. Each question is worth 5 points; the mid-term is worth 20 points. Your answers should be brought to class, Wednesday, October 16. Good luck!
1. Create the web-site front page of a new restaurant business, based on Main Street in Newark DE. Please make sure your page is optimized for the type of restaurant business you operate. REQUIRED
2. Explain your search engine optimization tactics, for question 1. Also, if this was the real world and you were doing SEO for this new business, explain what additional tactics you would adopt. In your answer, also consider how your mobile strategy may impact your search engine optimization strategy. 2 pages REQUIRED
3. Select three articles, from the class pages list under: Current Articles (labeled from 1-6). Address how the content of these articles is applicable to course content. 2 pages
4. Content marketing is becoming more popular. Explain what it is and why content marketing is becoming more main-stream as a marketing strategy. 2 pages
5. Its 2015, make logical arguments regarding the impact of mobile devices in marketing and communications. 2 pages
6. Make an argument that supports why Facebook will remain the dominant broad-based social media site in the long run. As you discuss this, place it in the context of how Facebook was able to replace Myspace for that position in 2008. 2 pages
7. Identify a piece of content, from the Internet, that has gone viral that we have not covered in class. Explain your thoughts as to why you think that content went viral. 2 pages
8. Freedom of speech is important, please discuss within the context of Wikileaks and / or The Chinese Firewall. Agree, disagree ? Expand. 2 pages



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