Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI)

Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI)

? Abstract: one page cover:
• Background:
• Objective:
• Methods:
• Results:
• Conclusion
? Introduction : (Introduction of the hole dissertation, 3 pages)
• Need to cover lit review
• Need to cover results
? Discussion Chapter
• Introduction (number of pages (3))
• Chapter should be organized in three parts:
1. Part 1: (number of pages (15)):
a. Answer the research questions through research results and lit review :
Caring for a person with dementia as a family member is reported to be one of the more stressful episodes that an individual can endure. This study sought to explore

the experiences of carers of people with dementia living at home. More specifically, the study aimed to address the following research questions:

1. What are the factors that enable a carer to sustain their role in supporting an older person with dementia to remain living in their own home?

2. What are the factors that are associated with higher levels of carer health related quality of life, as assessed by the Short Form 36 (SF36) Physical and Mental

Component Scores?

3. What are the factors that are associated with lower abilities of a carer’s ability to cope, as assessed by the Proactive Coping Inventory (PCI)

4. What are the factors that are associated with higher levels of carer stress and anxiety, as assessed by the Caregiver Reaction Assessment (CRA)?

5. What are the factors that are associated with higher levels of carer depression, as assessed by the Center of Epidemiology Studies Depression Scale (CES-D10)?

2. Part 2: Who¹s there to care for our carers
a. Introduction
b. In this part what the study means and develop a model with a diagram. (number of pages (15)
3. Part 3: Limitations and conclusions (number of pages (15)):
a. Introduction
b. Limitations
c. Conclusions
d. Practices implementations
e. Policy implementations
f. Future research


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