PPACA Element Analysis

PPACA Element Analysis

This should be a short but detailed description. Be concise but comprehensive; use brief paragraphs for each question. Remember to connect the ideas and your conclusions to emphasized concepts of Policy 1 (particularly the Kingdon model). Support your conclusions and connect your ideas to this week’s readings, other resources, or specific examples from your own experience. Include both internal citations and a reference list. Remember to change the subject when you start your new thread. Support your thoughts because references let your reader know where you gathered your information.
There are dozens of items in the PPACA, review the document and find an item that is of interest to you. Choose one specific element of the PPACA (e.g. closing the Medicare ‘doughnut hole’) that especially interests you. (Do not choose the “individual mandate” because we will discuss this topic next week.) Share a brief summary of your analysis generated by your research.

• Describe the PPACA element. • Discuss the likely stakeholders (support and opposition) who influenced the legislation. Do you think compromise was involved? •Why do you think that element was included in the final legislation? Are you surprised that this item was included in the final legislation? Use the 3 P’s of the Kingdon model to guide your analysis.



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