Power of Persuasion Matrix

Power of Persuasion Matrix

Paper details:

Learning Objective:

To recognize the influences of on Consumer Behavior and evaluate the Models of Communications Effects.

Use Excel to create your own diagram duplicating the Persuasion Matrix shown in Chapter 6. Choose a TV commercial or print ad and use the matrix to evaluate how it might influence consumers’ response process. There are variables in the communication system that advertiser select. Don’t over think this exercise…I am sure you have heard of the acronym KISS. Well this would apply to this exercise. The goal of this exercise is to make you think in the light of how you see and comprehend the ad, then think of what indirect and direct variables that you can identify from the communication of the ad. Hint: Answer the four questions about the Receiver, Channel, Message and Source. ??

When submitting your assignment you can include your ad by attaching it separately, include it in your excel document or link to the ad that you selected. You may also use your ad from Week 1’s Discussion Board.

This is the question. And my ad was about Epiduo.
you can find a link about it: http://www.epiduo.com/tv_commercials.aspx

So can you write about this commercial?


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