Political Economy Term Identification

Political Economy Term Identification

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Below are pairs of matched terms. Do all five. You will need to identify both terms, citing specific authors and ideas from the readings and lectures when appropriate. Draw on readings from this class only. You must then link the two terms together (i.e. compare, contrast, historical linkage, theoretical differences, structural differences, etc.) Your answers should be no longer than 1 page each – standard formatting.

• The Gold Standard/Economic nationalism (1 page)
• Dependency Theory/Advantages of Backwardness (1 Page)
• Product Cycle /comparative advantage (1 Page)
• Traditional society/ late development (1 Page)
• Rational choice/kibbutzim (1 Page)

Class slides and reading list can be found under http://bev.berkeley.edu/ipe/syllabus%202014.html


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