Personal Computer Fundamentals Unit 5 q2













Personal Computer Fundamentals Unit 5 q2

The paper offers the users the steps on how to connect the web server with Mozilla FileZilla FTP client.

Step 1: start the FTP client software on the personal computer. At this stage, the server is not yet connected to the server.

Step 2: select the file and click on the Site Manager. The Site Manager is now open and the default General tab displays.

Step 3: In this window, click on the New Site option and give the site a name. The name of the site will be used to identify it (Minasi, and Paul, 2007). The name is free of choice to the user as it does not have any impact on the connection information.

Step 4: Give the FTP server in the Host field allocated in the window. This host name is similar to the FTP server data allocated to the user when the FTP account was created on the web server.

Step 5: Provide the FTP port details in the port field. In a number of hosting environments, port 21 is common. This however calls for confirmation.

Step 6: Select the File Transfer Protocol from the Server Type drop down option and then select Normal as the logon Type in the drop down list.

Step 7: Enter the username and the password in their respective fields. This data is provided to the user in the FTP settings.

Step 8: Click on the Connect button. The computer will connect to the web server. The folders and files from the PC are shown on the left side of the FileZilla window while the directory folders and files from the server are on the right (Sabin-Wilson, 2013).











Minasi, M. and Paul, J. (2007). Mastering Windows Vista Business: Ultimate, Business, and            Enterprise. Indiana: John Wiley & Sons. Sabin-Wilson, L. (2013). How to Use FileZilla FTP Client to Connect to a Web Server.      Retrieved on 17th July 2013 from:        filezilla-ftp-client-to-connect-to-a-we.html



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