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Unit 10 Quiz
1. Quiz Information: Take quiz on Saturday, Sunday or Monday May 31, June 01 or June 02, 2014 (LATEST Monday June 02, 2014 6pm ET-Thanks)
Hello Class, Just an FYI, there will be a quiz/exam every week in this class. You will have 3 hours to take each quiz/exam, they are all open book and you can only

take the exam one time. This is the book for this class. However, you could get your information from any source.
Week 10 Textbook Reading: • Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States
• Chapters 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, & 61

• Textbook Information
Title: Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States
Author: Porth, Matfin
ISBN: 978-0-781-76616-6
Publisher: Lippincott

You will not be able to go in and out of the exams.
Please make sure you have a quiet area and a dependable computer and make sure you check the weather before you sit down and take your exam because if they shut off

they will not be reset for any reason unless it is a college wide issue.
2. LOGIN————–
3. User name——– AbosedeObikunle
4. Password———- Mytees1234
5. Go to your current classes on the left hand side
6. Click on MN551: Advanced Pathophysiology across the life span
7. Click on Unit 10 on the left hand side under Course home
8. Click on quiz 10 and follow instruction
9. Allow at least 2 hours (Remain logged in) of the time allocated to elapse before ending the quiz. Thanks
Remember to save all answers before submitting for grading or else it will be 0%-


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