Outline differences in Qualitative and Quantitative Methods.


The paper should cover these areas:

1. The assignment should produce the first draft of your problem statement. You need to identify a gap in the academic literature that your study will fill. Or find a contradiction in that literature that your study will resolve. (250-300 words)

2. Based on the Problem Statement you wrote, draft a Purpose Statement. The documents in the NCU

Dissertation Center will be helpful in the actual development of this draft. The length and format of this document should conform to the specifications in the NCU

Template Applied Degree CP 2013 document

Note: At this point in the course, the decision for either a quantitative or a qualitative study has not been made? therefore that component of the Purpose Statement is not expected at this point.

3. Differences in Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

It is important to recognize the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods, and understand those differences well enough to make good decisions regarding what

methods to use in your research. In all cases, the research methods and approaches chosen must be appropriate for meeting the underlying purpose of your research study.

4. In this group of questions, you must have at least 2 that are quantitative in nature and at least 2 that are qualitative in nature. For each question, briefly discuss the

appropriate approach (qualitative or quantitative) and speculate on the specific approaches that may be used.

NB: Please each section should have at least 2 annotated bibliography


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