organizational chart

organizational chart

Paper instructions:
At our organization the Board of Directors is at the top of the reporting chain. The board is comprised of 15 members, 10 board members from Banner Regional Medical Center (BRMC) and 5 board members from Porter Regional Medical Center (PRMC), and the newly chosen CEO of the organization, Pat Herman (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012). Next in the reporting chain is the CEO, Pat Herman, whose initial job was the rebuilding of the executive team, who would report to him. This team consisted of Director of Nursing, Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Director, Human Resource Director, the Information Technology Director, Chief Operations Director, and a Neurosurgeon to represent the physicians and Chief of Medical Staff, Gene Roberts. Each of these may have managers under them from different departments that report to them. For example, the Director of Nursing would have the managers from the different nursing units reporting to her, as well as the “House Supervisors”. This executive team would also develop leadership culture, credentialing, bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies for the organization. The managers, in some cases, may have supervisors or “leads” that report to them on each unit. Under these would be the employees that work the particular departments.

Each of the leaders would adapt the leadership style that reflects the organizations newly formed culture of language, physical settings, values, symbols, and formal procedures and disseminate these down to the employees in order to have a cohesive work environment.

create an organizational chart based on info above( color one will be fantastic


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