“No Excuses” schools

“No Excuses” schools

What are the characteristics of “No Excuses” schools?
2.    Why does the United States have more educational movements than countries with more centralized control of education?
3.    List and briefly define the four basic types of reform movements described in the text.
4.    Briefly describe education during the middle ages.
5.    List, and in a few well-chosen sentences, define the educational movements described in the text that took place in the United States. There are several. The

6.    Why is Horace Mann important to American public education?
7.    Why was John Dewey important to American public education?
8.    How do the ideas of the English primary school differ from the back to basics movement in the United States?
9.    According to the text what are the seven major characteristics of effective schools?
10.    Briefly describe Goodlad’s findings.
11.    According to the text how effective are the various school choice options?
12.    How does school size affect achievement?
13.    What are the basic provisions of the “No Child Left Behind Act”?
14.    What are the major strengths and weaknesses of this act?
15.    The text says “Educational reform has been based on ideologies, philosophies, and social movementsmore than on solid research.” What do you think this means?


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