New Literacy

New Literacy

Paper instructions:
1. New Literacies Definition paper: Using your initial definition, the readings and any other sources you choose, compose a paper of NO MORE THAN 3 pages (12 pt. type, double spaced, 1? margins on all sides) that lays out your definitional framework of “new literacies.” You should synthesize, for example, your personal literacy/electronic literacy experiences and written about in the literature. Then, explain your general definition and what elements are part of your new literacies definition. There are no wrong conclusions here, but your process must follow these guidelines and others presented in class.

2. Evaluation of written assignments:
• Quality of the content (Is your response thorough? Did you reflect on issues outside of the readings? Did you answer critically? Did you refer to the readings and discussion? Did you address the topic at hand?) 40 points
• Support (Is your evidence, argument, or question well grounded in the literature? Have you provided research support for each assertion that you make?) 40 points
• Professionalism (Is it clear and error-free? Is it easy to read and understand? Did you answer all the questions that needed answers? Did you follow the instructions and hand it in on time?) 20 points

3. Please read the uploaded readings to get a general idea of “new literacies.”





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