National Trucking Corporation (NTC) files

National Trucking Corporation (NTC) files

case study.  It is worth 20 percent of the total points available on the test.  You may discuss the answer to this case study with your classmates, and only your classmates.  However, the written answer to the case study must be your own work.  You will be graded on the quality of your answer, not merely whether you answer the case study correctly in a general way.  Discuss all aspects of the answer and all issues raised in the problem.

Write the answer in essay form. Use a cover page, references and emphasize analysis.

National Trucking Corporation (NTC) files a suit in a state court against Odell’s Service Company (OSC) for intentional interference with contract, and wins. OSC appeals the court’s decision, as¬serting that the evidence presented at trial to support National’s claim was so scanty that no reasonable jury could have found for the plaintiff. Alternatively, OSC appeals on the ground that the judge did not apply one of the elements of the claim for intentional interference, claiming that there was no evidence of a signed contract between NTC and its customer.  There¬fore, argues OSC, the court should have applied the law of prospective business advantage, and not intential interference with contract.   OSC argues that the appellate court should reverse the trial court’s de¬ci¬sion.

1-    Is the appellate court likely to reverse the trial court’s findings with re¬spect to the facts? Explain your answers.
2-    What are an appellate court’s options after reviewing a case?


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