Microsoft SharePoint

This is from my outline I made, the teacher said it lacked detail but it doesn’t matter to me.

Thesis: Microsoft SharePoint is a valuable tool that aids businesses in information and knowledge management.?Every corporation should use this product in order to enhance collaboration.

What Microsoft SharePoint does
A. Managing data with SharePoint
B. Managing a business with SharePoint

Installing SharePoint
A. Installation steps
B. Creating a site hierarchy

Getting around SharePoint
A. Sites
B. Navigation
C. Giving access to SharePoint
D. Managing data

Information and Collaboration With SharePoint
A. How people communicate using SharePoint
B. The use of Portal Sites
C. Searching an Enterprise with this product

Using Enterprise Applications with SharePoint
A. Documents and Managing Records
B. Using web content
C. Business intelligence access with SharePoint

SharePoint Administration
A. How to monitor and adminstrate
B. Backup of a SharePoint server


I got this basic outline from sharepoint 2007 for dummies. Improve the thesis if you feel it needs it and thanks ahead of time.


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