Microsoft Office 2013: Essential

Microsoft Office 2013: Essential

Part 1
•Read pages PPT 1 – PPT 56 in the laboratory textbook, Microsoft Office 2013: Essential.
•Complete Labs 1 and 2 on pages PPT 61 – PPT 68 (when preparing Labs 1 and 2, follow the step-by-step instructions in the textbook).

Part 2
•As a part of the Final Project for this course, you will perform research for a medium-sized widget manufacturing company (approximately 200 employees) to evaluate their computer needs and make recommendations about an information system to support their business. Currently, several of their support departments are using manual processes and they wish to automate their accounting and human resources business processes. They also want to harness the power of the Internet in their business.

For this laboratory assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation to present the findings of your research to the widget company that has hired you as a consultant. Use one of the design templates that best reflect the professional manner in which you wish to make your presentation. Be sure to include the other concepts presented in the three labs you completed in Part 1 of this assignment and include five or more slides that detail the recommendations you are making to the company executives.

Although this PowerPoint will be presented as a part of your Final Project, you will need to expand the PowerPoint presentation that you submit as a part of the Final Project to include any comments from your mentor on this lab assignment (as well as any additional information you have included in your Final Project report.)


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