Methods of Accelerating and Decelerating Construction Projects

Methods of Accelerating and Decelerating Construction Projects

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Project Description
The final project is to write a short review paper in your topic of interest in construction planning and scheduling. Here are steps to successfully compete this final

Step 1: Choose a topic:
Select a subject of your interest in construction planning and scheduling and get the confirmation for your topic (no later than Nov 14). Find a relatively narrow

topic. You may take a look at recent publications of the journals listed in appendix to get an idea (In this step reading abstracts will help you to get the message of

these papers).
Step 2: Literature review:
? Find journal and conference papers related to your topic.
? Read the papers and find key points of these papers
? Look for the results of these papers and try to produce a coherent argument
? Try to analyze, synthesize and interpret other than just summarizing the literature
Step 3: Discussion and Conclusion:
? Compare and discuss the results in different papers. Using tables is recommended
? Conclusion should illustrate the significance of your paper, present your major points and findings.
? Your references should include more than 10 papers
? You can use a WCU library or google scholars.
? You need to list your references using the APA format:
? Your paper needs to be in a format that includes an abstract, introduction, literature, main body and conclusion. The final reports need to be minimum of 6 pages

that include your abstracts (Single space, 12 Times and New Roman)


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