“MetaPhysics.” Philosophical thinkers to be argued: Descartes and Berkeley.

Topic: “MetaPhysics.”
Philosophical thinkers to be argued: Descartes and Berkeley. (You can choose which thinker you want to side with in the argument)
The paper is intended to be about 1000 words or so (about 4 pages, Times New Roman 12f, double-spaced). Rubric:
A) Introduction: The paper clearly identifies the issue at hand, both thinkers to be compared, gives a sentence identifying their basic positions on the issue, and which thinker the researcher will side with.
B) Descriptions: The paper accurately describes each thinker?s position, with one appropriate and properly cited quote for each.
C) Argument: The paper offers a rationally coherent argument as to why the researcher prefers one side to the other. The argument should be as free as possible of religious, cultural or other irrelevant biases.
D) Style: The paper is written in a style appropriate to a college class, with proper attention paid to things like grammar, word choice, spelling, etc. All quotes have a page number. Previous stylistic suggestions are followed.
You must use either Word or Rich Text Format. Word 2003 is the preferred format.
Good Source:
“Classic Philosophical Questions”
Thirteenth Edition by Robert J. Mulvaney


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