make up

1.    what are 4 different reasons for using stippling when doing makeup?

2.    what are the 5 determinants of physical appearance as discussed in the class manual? Be able to give an example of each as used in analyzing a character in a play.

3.    what is the importance of apparent age vs the actual age of a character?

4.    what is physiognomy?

5.    what is chiaroscuro?

6.    what is the 3 major steps that lead to creating a good character makeup for performance?

7.    what are 3 different reasons makeup up is needed the theatre from a practical point of view?

8.    why is makeup the responsibility of the theatre actor in most circumstances?

9.    what is makeup morgue?

10.    what are 3 difference uses of makeup colors that are not skin tones such as bright red, violet, blue, green, and black?

11.    what are 4 different things an actor can do with makeup to make his/her eyes appear to be further apart?

12.    how should the face be divided if it is considered classically, well proportioned?

13.    what kind of makeup does not require powdering to set it?

14.    what does one apply to the nose to help assure the modeling putty or wax stays firmly attached?

15.    where are the shadow and highlight placed that accompany every forehead wrinkle?

16.    which lip is thinner (top to bottom) in a classical, well proportioned mouth?

17.    what must one do to a creme makeup before applying cake makeup to it?

18.    what is the hue called when one raises the value?

19.    what is the hue called when one lowers the value?

20.    what is the hue called when one makes it less intense?

21.    how far apart are the ideal eyes spaced?

22.    why does one trim the ages of a stipple sponge?

23.    pick one of the techniques for creating heavily textured skin.

24.    why is translucent face powder usually used?

25.    Name 2 ways of removing excess powder.

26.    why is it usually necessary to use something other than just soap and water to remove makeup from the face?



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