Macroeconomic position of Iran Custom Essay

Iran’s macroeconomic position Introduction Iran’s economy has been identified as among the largest economies globally through power parity purchasing and with regard to official claims of Iran; it is likely to improve considerably by the year 2015. The economy is a transitional and mixed economy, having a great public sector together with a 50% centrally planned economy. In addition, Iran’s economy is diversified within more than forty industries which are involved directly in Tehran Stock exchange (Shorrow 2004, p.284). Great religious foundations presence makes the economy unique. The spending by the religious foundations is usually beyond 30% regarding the spending by central government. It is evident that Iran is among the economies which have sustained positive growth following the experienced worldwide financial crisis of the year 2008. History concerning Iran’s economy Before 1979, the economic development of Iran was rapid. Being a society which was agricultural based traditionally, by the year 1970s it had gone through significant economic modernization and industrialization (Mau 2001, p.369)


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