learning experience

learning experience

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Learning Experience 3 (Units 8-11)
choose one question from below to answer for this Learning Experience and indicate which question you are answering.

Have your body fat level checked by a trained individual using at least three of the methods discussed in the text. Are all the outcomes the same? If not, why do you think there was a variance?

Following a good warm up, start in a seated position on an exercise ball and jump as high as you can. Do this for a total of three repetitions. Record the height you reach each time you complete the exercise. Next, repeat the process but start from a standing position. Jump as high as you can. Record the height you reach each time you complete the exercise from standing. Now, compare your results of the seated start and the standing start. In which scenario did you jump higher? Why? Relate this example to weight training technology and explain how it is used in exercise performance.***May require outside research of the stretch-shortening cycle.

Attend an endurance event such as a local five or ten kilometer race. Try to observe the obvious visual differences between the winners and those who come in last. Explain the differences between the two groups. If possible, interview two of the top runners as well as two “middle of the pack” runners and compare their training routines.

Theoretically plot the strength curve of a beginning, intermediate and an advanced weight trainee while performing a squat. Explain the differences in the shape of the curve. What are the seven factors of the strength curve? Pick an exercise and alter two of the seven factors in order to improve upon the strength curve.

List the four types of resistance training equipment. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as any improvements that you would make. When would it be beneficial to use a particular type of equipment? When would it not be recommended and/or beneficial?

Much has been written in popular magazines about aerobic training and how it is the only way one can burn fat. Explain this belief, evaluate it and tell why it may or may not be appropriate. Are there other ways to burn fat? If so, what are some of them?

Analyze the role of ballistic movement in any given fitness training protocol in sports. How can each machine be adapted to ballistic training? Should it be adapted in the first place? Is ballistic training taboo? Give three examples of ballistic training exercises.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four technologies of training equipment in training general populations? In sports training? In bodybuilding for muscle mass?

Some of you may never have participated in or conducted an aerobics class. Sit in on or participate in an aerobics class that is being taught by an experienced certified aerobics instructor. Was the class as you expected it to be? What did you learn? How would you rate the instructor? Why? Do the same for a group resistance training class such as strength training, Body Pump?, an abs / core class or any other class specifically designed to improve strength.

Critically analyze stretching theory. Is stretching for improved flexibility? If so, to what extent is flexibility necessary in a general fitness program? In a sports-specific setting? Are there other reasons for stretching besides improving flexibility? Try each of the stretching methods discussed in the text for at least two body parts and briefly explain the differences between them.

Familiarize yourself with safe and effective exercises for improving flexibility in each joint of the body and discuss when each is necessary or desirable.

Perform body composition assessments on at least three individuals. Record all measurements and use them to calculate the body fat in pounds, as a percentage of total body weight and the lean body mass. Discuss the method that you used and what possible deviations could have occurred during testing. Show all measurements or readings for each individual.


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