Lab 3

Lab 3

Search the web for news coverage of crime and crime victimization events (as you know, the New York Times and other newspapers are routinely available for reading and

Collect at least one example of a news story depicting each of the following victim roles:
Completely Innocent
Victim Proneness
Victim Facilitation
Victim Precipitation
Victim Provocation
Victim Fabrication
Download each of the six news stories that is an example of each of the categories and attach them to your laboratory report. As part of the laboratory report, you

will be providing a written summary for each of the six articles you selected as indicative of each of the categories, and a statement explaining why you think the

story is an example of that victim role category.
Conclude your laboratory report with a statement of what you have specifically learned from doing this assignment

News stories should be from phoenix and tucson arizona.


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