Japan ; virtual sex or physical?

Japan ; virtual sex or physical?

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discuss the issues : New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century, In Japan ( How does it effect the new generation .. [ a lot of teenagers spend a lot of time playing games and on internet , they prefer the virual life , where they feel safe and they can do whatever they want , however I believe this is a big issue because it makes this people to become isolated and will effect on how they behaive around other people. A lot of them they got problems making friends . All this issues drives Japannese tennagers to stop dating and they become very shy . Because the sexually life is decresing every year in 20 years the population of japan could be over 60% old people .
What could be done to stop this issues ?
Compare this issues with the issues in the west. ( UK )

issues or their work is about this . ( e.g. Takashi Murakami and Makoto Aida in an interview he says : What do you think Japan will be like in the next 20 years?
Because there’ll be less and less kids and the Japanese economy would be steadily declining, I think Japan will be a very small and poor country, economy-wise. In its process, however, people will hopefully learn to make ends meet at least, and also learn to make their lives, in general, much simpler to adjust to such social state / circumstances then. I think I will be more than happy, as long as there remains a solid, mature culture here.)Urna Semper
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30 October 2015
New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century
“New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century”
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October 2 – 31, 2010 at the Museum of New Art, Detroit
Curated by Steve Coy and Jonathan Lillie
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