Impact of Science on Animal Testing for Human Research

Our modern world is defined by and dependent on a variety of sciences and technologies. The impact of scientific and technological discoveries continues to dominate our discussions of who we are, where we come from, where we are going, and our place in the universe. In addition, scientific data frequently holds a privileged place in modern arguments, often treated as having greater validity than other forms of evidence or serving as the determining or arbitrating factor in arguments.

The purpose of this paper is that you explore issues related to the impact of science and technology on our lives, beliefs, policies, institutions, and culture. If possible, you should select issues impacting your chosen professions.

You will write an MLA style research paper with the body of the paper 5-7 pages in length. Include at least 5 resources for your research. The paper will analyze and support some position on an issue impacted by science and technology (see sample topics list below). The paper will include a title at the top of page, text, parenthetical research, and works cited page (The works cited page does not count as part of the total required page length). You may use specialized encyclopedias, books, journals, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and our textbook as sources but must have a minimum of five printed sources (in addition to any articles or materials taken from our textbook). You may also use non-print sources including interviews.

Note: There is useful information on MLA-style papers at ECPI?s Online Library also has great resources for documentation and research material and can be accessed on the Student Services page at

For this assignment, I’d like for you to fairly assess both or all sides of the topic you have chosen. The challenge for you will be to respectfully evaluate the varying perspectives and provide valid research to support the differing viewpoints. Your conclusion to the issue should be grounded in what you have learned about respecting cultural diversity.

Be sure to include all relevant evidence related to your discussion. With scientific or technical information, be sure to define terms and provide any necessary explanations. Regardless of your own level of expertise in either your field of study or the science and technology impacting your discussion, write your paper for a general readership, your classmates. Avoid overly technical explanations except when absolutely necessary to make a point, and then, if at all possible, provide an analogy from common experience as illustration.

Questions to think about when preparing to write your paper:


What are you researching? What is the problem or issue?
What is the background or history behind this issue?

How will you approach the topic (persuasion, argument, problem/solution?
Why have you chosen this approach?
How viable is your position, argument, solution?
How strong is/are the opposing position(s)

What research have you found?
Where will you find research?
What avenues of research have proven most useful/valuable?
What problems are you encountering?
How do you intend to organize your paper?
How have your views on the paper evolved as you have extended your research?
Scientific Data/Evidence

What is the nature of the evidence: empirical observations, theories/hypotheses, statistical data, projections based on trends, psychological/sociological profiles, etc.?
How does science and technology impact this discussion?
What weight does the scientific evidence have in this discussion?
What is the value of the scientific evidence offered?
Is there scientific evidence which is ambiguous; that is, it does not definitively support either side or is subject to opposing interpretations?


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