Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities Custom Essay

Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities A military base can be defined as a facility, arrangement, reservation or a system that shelter military equipment and personnel. The military bases are available in every country of the world in order to support and protect the military equipments and for the protection of personnel as well as country CITATION Lu?­09 m Dav99 l 1033 (Rodrigues and Glebov; Warren, Holman and Harvey). Likewise, in every country, this military base has significant impacts that could not be overlooked. Concerning this, this paper is composed particularly in the area of United States military bases and its impacts on local communities of United States in order to determine both negative and positive impacts. For this purpose, a thesis statement is developed for the study that is given below: “Military bases play positive and negative roles on communities within the United States by increasing local revenue, increasing population, military conflicts of interest, and non-military domestic disturbances.” Based on the above thesis statement, the paper is composed by making detailed research and provides effective and real facts assess the outcomes of the study that could be either positive or negative. The study will analyze from different angles, the implications of US military forces on the members of local communities.


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