Impact of Arctic Drilling on Wildlife

Impact of Arctic Drilling on Wildlife

A well thought-out theme on your interest with the thesis of your paper (one-two sentences) stated in the first paragraph. (e.g., this paper is about. . .  or
within this paper I will discuss. . .)
? A clearly articulated perspective that logically flows throughout the text from concept to argument presentation to solid conclusions wherein you offer credible

support for defense of your perspective. ? Referenced publications and or books wherein you present or refute the published
work ?

The paper should include what kind of organisms live in the arctic regions where drilling would occur. What would happen to these animals. For example what would

happen to their habitats that are now occupied by infrastructures. How would oil spills affect them if there would be any? Do the sounds of drilling affect marine

wildlife? If so how?
Sources should be mainly be scholarly but additional non-scholarly sources can be utilized. Every piece of information has to be cited. I prefer you utilize too many

citations than not enough.


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