Key Players in International Capital Market Regulation

COMPARE AND CONTRAST the roles, responsibilities and economic effect of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with respect to its operations within the broadly-defined International Capital Market.
DISCUSS briefly the history and development of the organisation and the major influences or influential events that affected the organisation’s role in ereefglobal affairs.
DESCRIBE briefly the global legal and regulatory frameworks that provide authority to the International Monetary Fund. OUTLINE any significant legal issues or challenges the organisation has faced over time.}

2,000 words maximum body content
1. Research should not focus predominantly on the IMF website for information. While its website is useful for context and background, other resources €“ including journal articles €“ must be used in order to produce a high-quality assignment.
Additional Requirements:
€¢ Page Numbering every page €¢ Word Count (on last page)

€¢ Bibliography/Reference List and Case List (as appropriate)
For Marking Criteria Sheet €“ please look for column / grade 7
# Reference MUST include:
€“ including journal articles €“ must be use
_Vreeland, J., The IMF €“ The Politics of Conditional Lending
_Broome, A., 2010, The IMF, Crisis Management and the Credit Crunch
_Gartner, D., 2013, Uncovering Bretton Woods €“ Conditional Transparency, the WB and the IMF
_Hagan, S., 2010, The IMF Mandate
_Haynes, J., 2012, A Critical Analysis of the IMFs Article IV
_Salmon, F., 2014, The IMF Revisits Sovereign Bankruptcy
_Stearne, C., 2009, The IMF and International Private Financial Institutions
_Stone and Steinwand, 2008, The IMF €“ A Review of the Recent Evidence
_Vaubel, R., 2011, The Role of the IMF in the Financial Crisis


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