Assessment Tasks
Assessment task 1
Assessment Task 1: Minor Essay (Individual work)
Due date:
Wk 5
Details of task:
Essay question
“Unravelling the complex forces that encircle the organisational buying process is
indeed difficult.” Discuss.
Write an essay by identifying and critically evaluating the complexities of the
organisational buying process from a business marketer’s perspective. Analyse and justify
why knowledge of the organisational forces and the buying process is fundamental to the
development of a responsive business marketing strategy. Identify and specify important
points/issues covering the essay question and expand on them by addressing the
underlying processes involved in the organisational buying. Refer to both academic and
business journals as an evidence to confirm your line of argument. Demonstrate strong
evidence of independent reading beyond core texts and materials and also exhibit your
highly developed analytical and evaluative skills. Being an essay it needs to have an
introduction, body and a conclusion. Short bullet points, lengthy definitions, quotes,
ambiguous and lengthy sentences should be avoided. All sections of your essay should
be logically connected.
You should plan to write several drafts of your essay and get it read by some other
person (may be your parents or friends) who can offer critical constructive
Word limit: 1500 words
Weighting/Value: 15%
Estimated return date:
Assignments will be returned in the tutorial after assessment and marks recorded.
Unclaimed assignments may be collected from the respective faculty/departmental
administration staff member on production of student ID.
Criteria for marking:
Identification and reporting of relevant issues    30%
Critical analyses of the issues                            40%
Evidence of research                                         20%
Presentation / Referencing                                10%
Learning objectives assessed:
This assessment task is designed to test you achievement on first two objectives.
Submission details:
Submission Instructions

9The following guidelines will assist you in completion and submission of the assignments.
Assignments must be typed in double space using either Times New Roman or
Arial in a font size of 12 points. Please keep adequate margins on all sides. This
ensures that there is enough space to provide feedback on your work.
2.  It is the student’s responsibility to submit/mail the assignment on the due date.
You are expected to prepare and present your work in a professional manner.
Attention to basic elements of expression – spelling, punctuation, and grammar is
4. Electronic submission or Faxed copy is not acceptable.
You must keep a copy of your assignment in electronic format. We suggest you
keep a print out also.
Penalties for late lodgement:
Late assignments will incur a penalty of 10% for each day after the scheduled due
date. Excuses such as those relating to computer breakdowns are not acceptable. You
are advised to save in your hard drive as you work through your assignment and to keep a
copy on a thumb drive.
Assessment coversheet:
Assignment should accompany Faculty specific cover sheet.
Additional information:
Note: The Monash Grading Scale Policy is located at:


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