Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to Present

Human and Animal Interrelationships from Domestication to Present
A list of suggested term paper topics is at the end of this information sheet. You may choose a topic from this list, or you may create your own topic as long as it relates to the information covered in this course. The paper must be typed or computer generated, 3-5 pages in length, not including reference page/appendices, and 12 font. It should be double-spaced with standard 1inch margins. Points will be deducted if the format is not followed.
Resources used for your information may come from the internet, HOWEVER,
• you must have AT LEAST TWO resources that are NOT of internet origin. In other words, yes, you must use the library and look at journals and books; electronic books are ok.
• you may NOT use wikipedia as a resource of any kind for this paper

It should include the following information and points will be deducted if all the components are not there:
Cover Page &: includes title, name, class and date
Introduction : introduces topic
Body: main body information
Conclusion: what can you conclude from your information
References: list of references that you referred to in body of paper
Appendices: optional, insert if needed
MLA style should be used for references.
Suggested Term paper topics:
Hunting Methods of Early Man: Homo habilis, Homo erectus and “Neanderthal” man
Cave Art and Paintings and Their Meaning
Early Agriculture: How the Romans farmed
History of the Olympic Games
Evolution of the Use of Wool
History of the Plow
The Morrill Act: What is it and How has it Influenced Agricultural Education?
How Ancient Animals are used in current literature
The Battle of Agincourt
The Games played at the Coliseum in Ancient Rome
How the Black Plague changed Europe
The Battle of Hastings
The “Iron Horse” and its history
How the “Sport of Kings” became popular
History of the Union Stockyards
How Robert Bakewell started the Dishley Society
History of the Pawnee, Chisholm, Western and Pecos River Trails
How the Hatch Act influenced animal and agricultural research
How Horses were still used in WWI
History of the Smith Lever Act and its Importance
How the Swine Industry has changed throughout time
History of Exotic Animals during Ancient Times
The Academians: Animal Researchers in 17th century France
Research a tribe and their totem
Research some contributions of animals to modern medicine
If you choose one of the next three topics, please remember this is not an opinion paper, but a research paper
Animal Ethics
Animal Research: Laws and Regulations
Animals and use of them in Transplantation




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