how did the Chinese rulers use scholarly writing to balance militarily rule with civilian administration?

how did the Chinese rulers use scholarly writing to balance militarily rule with civilian administration?

consider the fantastic naturalism of I Qing as a possible support of the kingship. Legalistic writing and the theories were obvious to support but how could kings also use Mozi to support tyranny? how could these ideas survive along with the Confucius and Mencius human nature.
2. discuss the confucius view of the family as the model of well run state and consider what familial values have to do with the Confucius master’s role in the state . why is this a very different project than using a kingship system as the center of social primitive society?
3.discuss the I Qing as a model of social science research . the book deals mainly with how change is an Expression tendencies within the present and that of the present is a natural upshot of past. take account of the assumption of the writer of the writers that much is hidden in the present and that much was hidden in the past.

1. What kind of moral human being does Islam want to create? What central moral issues are emphasized in The Opening (1), The Most High (87), The Darkening (88), The Morning Light (93), The Laying Open (94) and The Embryo (96)? These surahs are all translated in Sells. Does Christianity have different moral emphases? Do not discuss the trinity.
2. How was Muhammad’s life similar to that of Moses? Using the materials on Moses in Renard, as well as the Night Journey information, consider whether Moses had a similar or different personality, style or mission.

3. What does the Islamic prayer ritual (salat) tell us about the Muslim relationship to the Divine? Consider the divisions within the ritual, especially, the bowing (rukuk) and prostration (sujud), and the recitations (qiraat).
answer each question seperately thanks





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