HealthCare Law

HealthCare Law

methodically review the MEDICAL MALPRACTICE (Torres-Lazarini p.192-193) and PHYSICIAN NEGLIGENCE (Coombes p. 197-198) cases in chapter 10 of your text book; 2. state, compare, and contrast the simple rules of law found in each case; and 3. comment on the jurisdictions or courts the cases come from and the impact they will have on healthcare where you are going to be employed.

You may adjust the margins and the fonts when necessary. However, I would prefer that your answers be in 12 point font or greater “if possible”. Do not let your work exceed one page.

Exercise your ability to concisely summarize without leaving out important facts. Be realistic yet creative in your answers. Assume that your boss, who only has a limited amount of time to deal with any issue, will be making business decisions upon the information that you provide and the authority to grant you the promotion that you strongly desire.

When writing your responses use as many applicable “key words” from the chapter as possible. Make sure that you are using them correctly. Never take credit for work that is not yours. When in doubt, use quotation marks and tell where the information came from. Remember, be concise, one page is the limit. Make only one submission to Assignments for this assignment. Use your best writing skills, spell check at least three times, and save that hard work that you have don


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