Global Marketing

Please all References have to be in Australian resources ONLY. Use website and Journal articles and avoid using books except this book Johny K, Johansson 5th Edition if needed for reference.

this case study is about answering 4 questions and there is table showing countries and exchange rate against U.S Dollar in 22 Feb 2011. the case study is about see the changing since 22 Feb 2011 to Feb 2015.

The best way to answer questions 1 and 2 is to create two more columns in the table provided that is attached. The first column should relate to the latest quotations you have been able to get for each currency and the second column should identify whether the currency has increased or decreased in value since February 22 2011 to Feb 2015. in answering question 1 please it is for checking the local currency against U.S Dollar then question 2 it is to see if each country exchange rate increased or decreased against U.S Dollar and put it in second column. I have attached the assignment details and there is website oanda for getting the exchange rate for each country against U.S Dollar.

Question 3, it is about see why these change happen for the currency by focusing on the 3 economic indicators. for this question please write 400 words at least and just give general explanation and please also use graphs. Also, make 2 groups which countries are increase in their exchange rate against U.S Dollar and decreased. So, you can make it easier.

Question 4, it is for implications for international marketing of changing exchange rate. It is about the 4Ps, Price, product, promotion and distribution. More focusing in price as it has most related to exchange rate.


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