Global Brands (McDonald’s)v Custom Essay

MacDonalds Corporation, popularly known as Mickey D’s, is a global leader in the service of hamburger fast food restaurants. The organization serves more than 70 million customers on a daily basis in more than 120 nations. The company was established in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant by MauriceMcDonaldand Richard. In 1948, they jointly organized this enterprise as a hamburger by employing the principle of production line. Mr. Ray Kroc joined the organization in 1955 as a franchise agent and subsequently purchased the enterprise from Macdonald brothers (Heller; 2011). McDonald’s Company operates and franchises McDonald’s restaurants in its worldwide restaurant Industry, these serves as a menu at various pricings, which provide value in 120 countries worldwide. As of Dec 31, 2012 among the 33,515 in 120 nations, 27,080 were either franchised or licensed, 3,930 were licensed to developmental licensees and 3,675 were licensed to foreign affiliates. On the other hand, 6,440 were operated by the organization.


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